The Kojak Clan

A Trandoshan slaver clan who has sworn loyalty to Doona the Hutt, the Kojak clan is led by the intrepid DarrellDosh and his twin brother, DurrellDosh. The two are indistinguishable except in their choice of drinks. DarrellDosh enjoys a fine Trandoshan Vodjka, while DurrellDosh enjoys an aged Trandoshan Whisjkey. When disagreements about drinks are put aside, the clan operates as a very potent combat force and remains fiercely loyal to Doona and those they respect.

Clan Contacts available to the party: DarrellDosh and DurrellDosh

In-Game Note:

The Clan respects the party and will aide them in their endeavors, especially when profit can be made or Doona has requested it.

Clan Resources:

Ships – The Kojak Clan has at their disposal multiple Y164 Slave Transports which they use in their operations. Furthermore, the clan can field a small compliment of Mandalmotors M22-T Krayt Gunships (a gift from Doona for the clan’s loyalty). The clan also has a small assortment of small freighters and transports for inter-clan operation.

Financial Resources – The Kojak Clan’s financial resources are directly tied to Doona’s. Each clan member receives a small stipend, and the clan home-city on Trandosha is maintained through clan funds.

Manpower – The Kojak clan has a small elite shock unit operating within its ranks that can deploy a group of 10 well trained Trandoshans anywhere in Hutt Space. In a planned operation, the Kojak clan would be able to field upwards of 200 warriors.

Bases – The Kojak Clan has a medium scale slaving operation on Salucami and owns its own landing area which is used as a staging ground for outer-rim expeditions. The clan also has bases on Nal Hutta (in Doona’s palace) and on their home world of Trandosha.


The Kojak Clan

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