The Coronet City Mercenaries


A large independent Core-World mercenary unit, the CCM operates from their base in Coronet City, Corellia. The regiment boasts a wide assortment of equipment and even has possession of a dreadnought cruiser. The CCM fields approximately 4,000 men and women made up of a mixture of infantry and armored units. The 4,000 members of the CCM are spread across the galaxy, finding most of their assignments taking place in Outer Rim planets. Normally, the mercenaries are deployed in groups of four to twenty.

The CCM has been involved in some larger scale conflicts in the outer rim, boasting upwards of 2,000 soldiers for any given bidder. Most recently, the were involved in the civil war on Lianna within the Tion Sector.

The Commander and founder of the Coronet City Mercenaries is Jason Cresh,

Notable Divisions
The Coronet JetCons

Notable Members:
Dalton Jenth

The Coronet City Mercenaries had a standard set of armor given to each of its members which provided uniformity within the group.

The Coronet City Mercenaries

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