Clan Luss

The Luss pack is a well-respected Gank pack exclusively in service to Doona the Hutt. Their leader, Manji “Papa” Luss is a fearless leader and once fought side-by-side with Hurakan of the Meekoh clan.

Manji’s Murder consists of:

Manji “Papa” Luss – The Leader of his murder, and also the leader of the Luss Pack. He is a hardy veteran of many conflicts

Koro Luss – A lover of large weapons, he will never be found without his trusty, portable Merr-Sonn Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon.

Niyo “StarTreader” Luss – A crack pilot, she is one of the best in the Luss pack.

Haasa Luss – A versatile assassin who specializes in the up-close and personal.

Clan Luss

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