Clan Calesadii

Clan Calesadii

Clan of the Ancients? No

Current Clan Leader: Doona the Hutt, who is a sitting member of the Hutt Grand Council

Other Influential Members: Gorda the Hutt, Telzo the Hutt (Deceased)

Primary Base of Operations: Nal Hutta

Throneworld: Kor Calesadii. Gorda attempted to make Bakrana his Throneworld, but ultimately failed in this foolish endeavor.

Spheres of Influence: Nal Hutta, Ord Mantel, Salucami, formerly Bakrana

Current Legitimate Enterprises: Mid Rim Construction Company, Warehousing, Shipping, Passenger Transportation

Current Criminal Operations: Smuggling, Slaves

The clan itself holds considerable economic power due to their shipping enterprises. However Doona and Gorda have had different viewpoints on expanding their clan’s power, and often feuded because of it. This lead Gorda to create his seat of power on Bacrana while Doona remained firmly situated on Nal Hutta. Furthermore, Doona and Gorda had differing views on the Empire: Gorda saw them as valuable business partners and often ventured into business deals with them. Doona hardly considers them worth her time. However, There is one Imperial that Doona will begrudgingly communicate with: The Governor of Hutt Space, Moff Zil.

Clan Calesadii

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