Tag: Doona the Hutt


  • The Kojak Clan

    A Trandoshan slaver clan who has sworn loyalty to [[:doona-the-hutt | Doona the Hutt]], the Kojak clan is led by the intrepid DarrellDosh and his twin brother, DurrellDosh. The two are indistinguishable except in their choice of drinks. DarrellDosh enjoys …

  • The Dug

    The Dug is one of [[:doona-the-hutt | Doona's]] most talented pilots and is fiercely loyal to the members of the [[Clan Calesadii | Calesadii Clan]]. He has also saved [[:daqhar | Daqhar]] multiple times and considers the Gank a close friend. [[File: …

  • Clan Luss

    The Luss pack is a well-respected Gank pack exclusively in service to [[:doona-the-hutt | Doona the Hutt]]. Their leader, Manji "Papa" Luss is a fearless leader and once fought side-by-side with Hurakan of the Meekoh clan. *Manji's Murder* consists …

  • Telzo the Hutt

    Telzo the Hutt is the blubbering son of [[Gorda the Hutt | Gorda the Hutt]]. He met his untimely end at the hands of [[:daqhar | Daqhar]]. [[File:655923 | class=media-item-align-center | Doona_the_Hutt.jpg]]