Gank Warden


An intimidating Gank. Usually this species uses numbers to illicit fear. It is said that Daqhar has caused a man to drop his blaster with only a look. Often described as an imposing figure, he is much smaller than his enemies describe.

His will is only outmatched by his sheer capability as a hang to hand fighter.


The Last Survivor of the Mikoh. The Mikoh was a group so strong that it allowed Gorda to impose his will all the way to the Mid-Rim. They were vert respected before those events, and legends after. Doona has since taken charge of Daqhar, and has yet to see the results achieved by Gorda. She last little use for such weapons from Nal Hutta at this time.

Daqhar waits for the day that a precision instrument of fear is needed once again. Until then he moves through the universe with little purpose.


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