Casualties of War

“The Captain” – A rebel agent whose name will never be known, he was killed by Tanto when he revealed he was involved with the death of his parents.

Captain Kribbs – Former captain of the ISD Archlonius. Met his end at the hands of Tanto who wasted no time in killing the man when he was led to believe Kribbs was involved with his parent’s death. It was later learned that he was given this information by Inquisitor Scripio and ordered to act the part in an attempt to garner some form of response from Tanto.

Commander Garen Pohar – Former Imperial Garrison Commander located on Salucami. Met his end at the hands of Daqhar after being tortured by Inquisitor Scripio for unknown information.

Commander Victor deCroin – Imperial Garrison Commander located on Salucami. Met a similar fate to Garen Pohar, the man he replaced. Tanto had the pleasure of pulling the trigger at a fancy dinner party while working with a Rebellion Death Squad.

Commander Dalton Codii – Former ISB Agent who met his end at the hands of Daqhar at the same dinner party deCroin was killed. Information found on Captain Kribbs’ command tube revealed that Codi was the mole working for Inquisitor Scripio within the Hutt ranks.

Minno – Former Hutt Majodomo. He was killed honorably by Daqhar at the behest of Doona the Hutt as a price to pay for his failures in locating Telzo the Hutt.

Telzo the Hutt – Son of Gorda the Hutt, and nephew to Doona the Hutt. Was eliminated after opening his mouth one too many times and revealing to Daqhar and Tanto that he was working with Inquisitor Scripio to overthrow his aunt, Doona the Hutt.

Venera – Former underboss of Doona the Hutt on Salucami. Was eliminated by an assassin on Salucami.

The Watcher – Cybrex stuttering mole who met an untimely end at the hands of an assassin while under the “protection” of Daqhar.

Others – Multiple Imperial Officers/Stormtroopers/Garrison Troopers, Numerous underworld thugs, some civilians, a bounty hunter or two, a cybrex electro-assassin, some innocent bystanders, a friendly pilot who was going to take you off planet, friendships, some silly magnaguards and countless Cybrex cultists.

During the Noopa – 1 mercenary, Tanto’s will to live, A very lucky turned unlucky Mon Calamari, 3 Massiffs, 1 Rodian minion

Casualties of War

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