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Dear Diary
A Daqhar Tale

It’s been a while since I wrote down my thoughts. Probably since Bacrana. Things are not the best. Making a list of things helps in this case. So I’ll do that.

Good Things:

  • Doona is pleased
  • Gorda is safe
  • I have a pack now. Even is it’s weak and loud.
  • I have respect of the Luss
  • I am still able to fight.

Bad Things:

  • I killed Gorda’s Son, Telzo.
  • Scripio
  • My Impant is compromised.
  • The Homeworld is quiet
  • My anger is barely in check
  • My pack is weak

Scripio worries me. His attention brings out everything I fight to control. It’s something I haven’t felt since I was young. Even now it’s more intense than I remember. I feel he is behind the homeworld being out of contact. I fear that Scripio will try to convert the reserved. He can feel all of us. I am not strong enough alone to stop him. I will keep training.

I am the tip of the spear. I must be the sharpest point of the blade.

For the Micoh. For Hurakan.

For The Reserved. For Caquix.

8/22/16 Session Recap

What you need to know:

Background -

You’re on Salucami, in the capital city of Talucema. You are hunting for Telzo the Hutt who was kidnapped by an unknown entity roughly two months prior. After investigators failed to find anything of pointing to a culprit of the kidnapping, Doona the Hutt, Telzo’s Aunt, sent in her own agent, Daqhar.

Daqharproceeded to scorch the earth, and locate information pointing to a Cybrex conspiracy on Salucami. The organization was using a front business called Overland Quest Adventures (a travel agency) to operate ships and transports around Salucami as well as out of the system. After Daqharleft Salucami, OverLand had lost half of its employees and it’s owner.

The only employee still alive was a young travel agent named Julie Lucy. However, approximately two weeks prior to your arrival on Salucami, Julie was found dead. Ruled a suicide by local authorities.

Overland Quest Adventures is also out of business, with all records of the company being expunged or destroyed.

During this time, and since Daqhar left Salucami, Venera has been hard at work trying to pin down and locate Telzo and/or those who kidnapped him. So far, she has been extremely unsuccessful in this endeavor.

The Characters:

Venera – Doona the Hutt’s underboss. She has recently fell out of favor with the Hut because of her failure to locate Telzo and her failure to stop the Black Sun from muscling in on Hutt turf.

Commander Garen – Imperial garrison commander on Salucami and former officer in the ISB. His HQ is located in Talucema. Rumor has it that he was stationed on Salucami as punishment for failure on a high priority mission.

Nora – Black Sun boss on Salucami. She has been working diligently to muscle the Black Sun in on Salucami and has taken advantage of the chaos surrounding the disappearance of Telzo.

Other Misc Items -

Kith will be doing some digging to see if any assassins have been operating on Salucami on “Black Contracts”.

Venera has been telling your team the truth when it comes to what she has discovered about Telzo (which is nearly nothing) and that it appears that someone is clearing out house on Salucami and destroying all evidence related to OverLand Quest Adventures and the disappearance of Telzo.

Venera’s personal bodyguards were arrested recently.

The Zojak clan is operating a small slave trade on Salucami. They know you are here working for Doona, as you talked with their leader in the bar, Darreldosh.

The meeting place most commonly used by Venera is a cantina near the docks called “Paradise”.


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