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Dear Diary

A Daqhar Tale

It’s been a while since I wrote down my thoughts. Probably since Bacrana. Things are not the best. Making a list of things helps in this case. So I’ll do that.

Good Things:

  • Doona is pleased
  • Gorda is safe
  • I have a pack now. Even is it’s weak and loud.
  • I have respect of the Luss
  • I am still able to fight.

Bad Things:

  • I killed Gorda’s Son, Telzo.
  • Scripio
  • My Impant is compromised.
  • The Homeworld is quiet
  • My anger is barely in check
  • My pack is weak

Scripio worries me. His attention brings out everything I fight to control. It’s something I haven’t felt since I was young. Even now it’s more intense than I remember. I feel he is behind the homeworld being out of contact. I fear that Scripio will try to convert the reserved. He can feel all of us. I am not strong enough alone to stop him. I will keep training.

I am the tip of the spear. I must be the sharpest point of the blade.

For the Micoh. For Hurakan.

For The Reserved. For Caquix.


Rick_The_GM Rick_The_GM

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